Chapter Seven: An account of being at sea

IMG_5000The idea started a heated discussion. Jojo, Wallia, and Groblar wanted to go to the Border Wood and find the treasure right away, which would mean turning east before getting to Monlan. Ichoi thought we should concentrate on finding the remnant in Monlan rather than look for gold. Simron and I agreed with him. Lulinda didn’t like the idea of what might be in the forest. Chaman, Riglo, Bri, and Moxi didn’t seem to want to take up sides. Jundon always managed to disappear if the subject came up.

Whatever the case, we stayed at sea and passed the time by learning more about each other, keeping the discussions of the treasure to a minimum lest an argument break out. Fortunately, there were water provisions on the boat already and Riglo and Simron were very talented at catching fish. The girls were even more talented at cooking the fish.

The girls were given one part of the boat as their own and the rest of us would stay on the other side. Chaman and I went below deck after our first day at sea to find the rest of the guys in conversation about the girls and the prophecy. Relieved that it wasn’t about the treasure, I sat down to listen.

“All I want to know is,” Groblar was saying. “Do we choose our own wives?”
“The prophecy doesn’t say,” Simron told him, munching on a piece of bread. “But I think we’ll be fine as long as we choose from the sixteen girls that are left. The old laws specifically warned against marrying in with people who don’t follow the Great Spirit.”
“That might have been one of the reasons the Grumans came in the first place,” said Ichoi.
“I don’t think you need to worry about that,” said Riglo, making a face. “Gruman women are hideous.”
“I was just thinking about one girl in particular,” Groblar grumbled, fidgeting with his own bread.
“Lulinda?” Chaman asked.
“Well,” said Groblar. “Not really. I did when I first met her, but she doesn’t talk to me now.”
“Bri?” I asked, remembering how Groblar had been looking at her.

Groblar turned a deep shade of red and nodded. The others grinned.

“Bri is beautiful yes,” Riglo said. “But Moxi has the voice of a nightingale. Well, it was better before she broke her nose.”
“She isn’t much to look at though,” Chaman mumbled.
“What does that matter?” Riglo laughed. “The wife you get will be with you forever. No matter how lovely she is, she will get old and wrinkled just like you.”
“And then it won’t matter anyway,” Jojo added. “For you will both be going blind.”
“And it’s not just because she’s beautiful,” said Groblar. “Bri is beautiful…but she talks to me. Lulinda hardly ever talked to me.”
“I agree,” said Ichoi. “Tis better to have a wife of a good disposition than one of great beauty.”
“Who’s going to drive you nuts,” Jojo coughed. “Like Wallia for instance.”
“I heard that,” said Ichoi.
“He does have a point though,” Riglo said. “Wallia is obviously not the bride for you, even though she is rather pretty.”
“There will be someone for her,” Ichoi said. “As well as someone for Lulinda and Moxi and Bri too. I’m sure any one of them would make good wives.”
“But I’m sure it won’t hurt to talk to her,” I said.
“Make sure you get along,” Riglo said.
“And don’t get your hopes up too much,” Jojo laughed. “We’ll be finding more people soon and there’ll be more competition than just us.”
“Exactly,” said Groblar. “I’d like to…you know…claim her I guess…before we meet up with a bunch of other guys.”

After that I noticed Groblar spending a lot of time with Bri on the deck. I was almost jealous, not because I was fond of Bri, but because Groblar had actually found someone. None of the rest of us seemed all that interested in the other girls. Wallia was skeptical and pessimistic, Lulinda didn’t talk to us, and Moxi simply wasn’t very attractive.

“I dunno,” said Chaman, as we stood over the railing. “I guess I never really thought much about girls.”
“Well we didn’t know any of them were left,” I said.
“But with this prophecy and everything,” said Chaman, “I mean…we all gotta get married and have kids.”
“Yes we do,” I swallowed. “But I guess…when we start finding other girls…we’ll have to pick one out.”
“What if the girls don’t like us?”
“Sure they will,” I said. “I mean…they can’t all be like Wallia. And they’ll probably be glad there’s some boys left too.”
“I still don’t see what girls have to do with anything,” said Jundon, sitting by my feet.

The peace didn’t last long. On our fifth day at sea, Wallia and Ichoi were at it again about turning off to look for the treasure. Many of us still didn’t want to take up sides, but I firmly agreed with Ichoi. The quest was more important than gold. The discussion was almost to the point of a shouting match when Chaman pointed out something.

“Um, guys?” he called rather loudly from the back of our ship. “Is that a boat?”

Everyone stopped talking and looked to where he was pointing.

“Oh cha, they spotted us!” yelled Riglo. “All hands on deck!”

We scurried about to steer our boat away from the Gruman vessel following us. Ichoi made a sharp turn to the southeast.

“We may wind up in the Border Wood after all,” Chaman told me as we hoisted our sails.

Our ship was smaller and faster, but the Gruman ship was still within sight the next day. The wind was now blowing us slightly to the northeast. Jojo mentioned that he could almost see land in the distance.

“That would be the peninsula,” he called.
“Well we can’t go there,” said Riglo. “They’d catch us for sure.”
“And they’re still behind us,” Chaman said.
“If you look the other way,” Groblar said. “I think you can see Monlan.”
“And probably a platoon of Grumans there as well,” said Wallia.
“Then there’s only one thing to do,” said Ichoi. “Turn the sails sharp to the north.”

It was early the next morning when we saw land. The shoreline was thick with trees and there seemed no safe place to harbor.

“It was all a trick,” Lulinda cried. “They’ll be sure to get us now! There’s nowhere to go!”
“What do we do now?” Wallia yelled at Ichoi.
“Fear not!” Simron called out.

Something in his voice calmed all of us down. He had that look again.

“None shall perish,” he said. “Abandon ship and run to the forest. Those who can’t swim can use driftwood to get ashore. Everyone shall get there safely and no one will be caught. Now go!”


At that moment, the ship hit some rocks. Everyone scrambled about to escape from the boat. Groblar grabbed a large plank and jumped in the water. He then helped Bri lower herself in after him. Next to them, Ichoi had grabbed Jundon and was pushing the boy along on a small raft. Seeing that my brother was okay, I jumped in and swam to shore.


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  1. Greta Meece
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 19:56:43

    Keep up the writing you are gifted.


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